Adult Diapers – Incontinence Solutions For A Growing Population

Adults everywhere are terrified that someone will find out they where adult diapers because of bladder control issues. It’s terrible to see people living in fear because of incontinence, and it’s become an ever-growing trend in today’s market place.These people are not alone, and incontinence may not get talked about much, but it is a very serious problem for millions. Some buy adult diapers for occasional bladder leaks, and some use them because they can no longer control their bladder at all.Thanks to the web and other mail catalogs, today’s senior can save themselves the hassle and fear, or shame of them. People can now buy adult diapers right from the comfort of their own home…The items will be discreetly delivered right to their door!Today’s briefs have been streamlined, so people won’t know they are being worn!- They should be categorized by waist-size, ensuring they will fit most comfortably. Some might require bariatric sizes.- Today’s adult diapers are designed with leg bands that fit better around the thighs, providing superior leak protection, without the feeling of being restrained or confined.- They should come with a soft, absorbent lining that prevents chafing, leaking, embarrassing odors, and the dreaded diaper rash.- Available in a variety of thicknesses, so they protect whether suffering from slight bladder leakage or have lost complete bladder control.- Adult Diapers have even been crafted for people who are bedridden, people confined to wheelchairs, and physically active people. People aren’t all shaped the same way, or sit in the same position all day – so why would you want a diaper that’s supposed to fit everyone?Adult Diapers Are More Common Than You Might ThinkDid you know that Americans spend billions of dollars on these items every year? Chances are, someone you know wears adult diapers, and you don’t even know it!Millions of people wear adult diapers every day, for a variety of reasons. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 out of every 3 women suffer from some kind of bladder leakage. For men, the numbers are slightly lower, but it is still a major problem.Incontinence is one of the biggest reasons people head to nursing homes. Studies show that nearly half of the residents of nursing homes have some kind of bladder control problem… And, that’s on top of the nearly 1/5 of elderly people who suffer with incontinence issues at home.Incontinence can be caused by certain medications, infections, diabetes, prostate problems in men, women who have had hysterectomies, women who have just given birth, people with physical and mental disorders, or just plain and simple aging.But, you do not have to be an “old person” to need adult diapers. An adult diaper is not a sign that you’re in the decline of your life. In fact, incontinence is an issue for plenty of people over the age of 50 – right when they should be enjoying life, instead of hiding from it!